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looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette! The #1 electronic cigarette!
  • toxic chemicals
  • harmful tar
  • yellow teeth
  • smoker’s cough
  • bad breath
  • smelly clothes
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Smoke anywhere You only exhale odorless water vapor!
The office
Shopping Malls
Bars & Nightclubs
  • Only emits harmless water vapor
  • Smoke around friends and family members
  • Reduce some health risks
  • Save a ton of money
  • Satisfy your nicotine cravings
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Your starter kit includes
  • 5 Full Flavored Nicotine Cartomizers
  • Latest E-Cig Tech = 400 Puffs Each
  • 1 Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 1 USB Charger Charge on PC or MAC
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case
  • Designer Display Box
  • 20 Page Instruction Manual
  • Life Time Warranty
  • No smoke or ash like
    traditional tobacco cigarettes
  • Smoke around friends
  • Smoke indoors
  • Zero odor
  • No yellow teeth
  • Save a ton of money
  • Still get the nicotine you crave
The newest media sensation

Smokers buy the devices to get around no-smoking restrictions and to attempt to quit conventional cigarettes... sold since 2007, [the] FDA has not identified a single instance, either in this Court or below, of an adverse health effect from e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes attracting attention... With its slim white body and glowing amber tip, it can easily pass as a regular cigarette... a healthier alternative to smoking and a potential way to kick the habit.


It's not smoking. What you're actually inhaling is a vapor. These electronic cigarettes are battery powered and they vaporize nicotine, so you're inhaling the nicotine vapor. So, you're getting the nicotine hit, but without the toxic smoke and contents of the cigarette and the tar.

NoFlame E-cig prefered Among Models and
  • Famouse
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New to the Hollywood limelight is the e-cigarette. Celebrities have made the switch to NoFlame as the smoking alternative that helps them stay looking young and engergetic and to reduce the related health risks of smoking tobacco. The e-cigarette has been spotted in trendy restaurants and high-end night clubs in New York and Los Angeles. The red carpet is no place for a yellow smile or the stench of cigarettes. NoFlame are now available to the public!

compare the effects of traditional cigarettes
  • Healthy lungs Healthy lungs
  • Smoker's lungs Smokers lung
  • chart
Testimonials from Real NoFlame customers
NoFlame E-Cig Testimonial

"I love NoFlame e-cig. It's freedom. I can still enjoy smoking without feeling the stigmatism attached to smokers. I still behave like a regular smoker, because I smoke everywhere: at concerts, at the movies and in bars. I talk it up to all smokers. I have actually turned a few on to it. I am happy."

- Ana B.
NoFlame E-Cig Testimonial

"I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the excellent service, and quick response that your company has provided. NoFlame has exemplary service in both categories."

- Jon C.
NoFlame E-Cig Testimonial

"My kids love the fact that I smoke NoFlame E-Cig. At night I would light up a cigarette, fall asleep and find out the next morning that the cigarette burnt the carpet. Now with the NoFlame E-Cig, I just take a drag and then go back to sleep without worrying."

- Gary, K
Save thousands

E-Cigarettes offer many benefits, including the savings only smokeless cigarettes can provide. The smokeless cigarette system will save you money!

Don't spend thousands of pounds on pack after pack of expensive brand cigarettes. All you need is one electronic cigarette and the long lasting authentic flavored nicotine cartridges. Take the NoFlame one-year challenge and see how much money stays in your pocket. You can save hundreds to thousands of pounds every year.

NoFlame E-Cig Save money with NoFlame E-Cig
Claim Your NoFlame starter kit! NoFlame E-Cig Accessories
looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette now you can smoke anywhere anytime!

* The Electronic Cigarette is for use by adults of legal smoking age and is not intended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those suffering from a pre-existing medical condition. The Electronic Cigarette contains the highly addictive substance, Nicotine. Sale to underage persons is strictly prohibited. Smoking can cause Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and may complicate pregnancy. Consult your physician before use, especially if you are under medication or may be sensitive to nicotine. Use the Electronic Cigarette at your own risk. These statements have not been reviewed by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The individuals shown are paid models, and not necessarily customers. NOT FOR SALE TO MINORS.

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